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News for Next years Vintage Event.

Dates for 2014 are , Sept 11, 12, 13.

We will also have Reduced Entry Fees, For Early Entries.

Reserve the Good Pit Spots, For the 2014 Vintage Event.

We will be honoring Margay this year for 50 years of Service.

We will also be honoring Scott Pruitt as well. So stay tuned as more information is coming.

Thanks for coming to the Vintage Event in 2013 and we hope you return for our 2014 event.

Thank you

Gus Traeder.

We had a Great Turnout and we want to thank both The Weakley Family an The Lapke Family for come to TNT and Honoring the Memories of Bob & Carl. It was sad to see those 2 karts take there last ride around TNT Kartways, They will be missed.

Winners of the 2013 Vintage Olympics !!!
Race # 1

Class 10: Sportsman Historic Winner !!!
                        -  Jerry Nagel -

Class 13: Stock Appearing 6.1 Winner !!!
                       - Sandy Daniels -

Race # 2

Class 2: Single Engine Rear Over 6.1 Winner !!!
                           - Scott Nagel -

Class 1: Single Engine Rear 6.1 Winner !!!
                           - Bobby Lee -

Race # 3

Class 7: Dual Triple Engine American Only Winner !!!
                          - Terry Traeder -

RACE # 4

Class 11: 80-85 Sidewinder - 100cc Engines Winner !!!
- J.T. Miles - 

Class 4: Single Engine Sidewinder 6.1 Foreign Only

Winner !!!          - Lake Speed Jr - 

Race # 5 

Class 3: Single Engine Sidewinder 6.1 American Only

Winner !!!              - Bobby Lee -

Race # 6

Class 14: MAC 49 Sportsman Winner !!!

                             - Steve Welte - 

Class 12: 450 Saw Class Rear Single Engine 4`9"

Winner !!!             - Dick Teal - 

Race # 7

Class 6: Single Engine Sidewinder Over 6.1 Winner !!!
                                ( Foreign Only)

                                - Matt Morgeson - 

Class 5: Single Engine Sidewinder Over 6.1 Winner !!!
                                ( American Only)

                               - Jerry Culp - 

Class # 8

Class 9: Single Engine Senior Sportsman - Single 6.1

Winner !!!              - Terry Walters - 

Class # 9 

Class 8: Dual Engine ( Foreign Only) Winner !!!

                               - Hal Orndorff - 

Congratulations to all the winners of this years event.
We will be putting pictures of the weekend event as well as the Civic Center gathering. So please Stay tuned to TNT Kartways for more information on pictures and next years schedule.

Thank you all for making this years event one to remember !!!

TNT Staff.

Vintage Race And Show Results

Quincy, Illinois

T.N.T Kartways

Single Engine – Rear Mount 6.1 (American only)

 Bobby Lee –Rossville ,IN

Single Engine Rear Mount Over 6.1 (American only)

 Single Engine Sidewinder 6.1 (American only)

 Bobby Lee -Rossville, IN

Single Engine Sidewinder 6.1 (Foreign only)

Andrew Fisher –Milan,IL

Single Engine Sidewinder Over 6.1 (American only)

 Jerry Culp -Kalamazoo, MI

Single Engine Sidewinder Over 6.1(Foreign only)

Lake Speed Jr. –Concord, NC

Dual/Triple Engine (American only)

 Hal Orndorff -Marshall, IL

Dual Engine (Foreign only)

 Hal Orndorff- Marshall, IL

Single Engine Senior Sportsman Single Engine 6.1 (American only)

 Terry Traeder- Quincy, IL

Sportsman Historic  

 Jerry Nagel – Napoleon, OH

80-85 Sidewinder

Scott Ader -Lexington, NC

Junior Class

 Jack Daniel Beardstown, IL

6.1 Stock Appearing

Vernon Bergman- Bartlet, IL

Mac 49

Lyle Casewell – Vicksburg, MI

What a Great turnout for the 11th annual vintage weekend. Many of the karters had great things to say about the track improvements. The karters had So much fun that many will be back for the 12th annual.  So many karters thanked the Traeders for putting on one of the best events they have been to this year.

We look foward to seeing you all next year.

TNT Staff.


The race show and class structure has not changed and will still be the same that it has been for the past 5 years. Exceptions to this are the 450 saw class rear single engine.

There is NO tire rule this year. There will be one slated for 2013 But until then we will run this event as we have been.

TNT Kartways & Staff  look foward to putting on one fantastic weekend for this event. SO DONT MISS IT !!!!!

Gus Traeder
Promoting and Directing Karting Events.
For over 52 years- Nationwide.

The 11th Anniversary of the Vintage kart Super Olympics and Show. Will once again be held at TNT Kartways for the 52nd year of Karting. Write this date down on your calander. September 7, 8 , 9,  2012.  We have posted flyer on here so you can  print it . If you did not get yours in the mail please print one off of here. We look foward to seeing you all at TNT. Double click on photos to view or right click select print to print them off.

What a Great Time we had at the 10th Annual Vintage Karting Classic at TNT kartways. Here are the Results of the Winners from this event.

Vintage Kart Show

Best Appearing
Jim Thompson Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Most Original Rear Engine
Al Klusman Kearney, Missouri

Most Original Sidewinder
Kelly West Ottawa, Illinois

Best of Show
Bob Lapke Peoria, Illinois

Best Display
John Houseman Jerseyville,Illinios

Racing Results !!!!

Race Results
Sportsman Historic Junior Class
1. Dave Romaine Jack Daniel
2. Bob Lapke
3. Pearl Gamble
4. Wilson Tamo
5. Sally Day

Mac 49 Single Engine Sidewinder Over 6.1 (Foreign Only)
1. Nip Swenson
2. Dick Teal
3. Jim Thompson
4. Pam LeMay
5. Mike Morrall Sr.
6. Ernie Shores
7. Jay Bruninga
8. Scott Klingler

Single Engine Sidewinder 6.1 (Foreign Only) 80-85 Sidewinder
1. Terry Traeder
2. Bill McCornack
3. David Fisher
4. Scott Ader
5. Chamber Speed
6.  Ziggy Lesnik
7. Cory Patterson
8. JT Miles
9. Christian Gavrila
10. Joe Cento
11. Howard Kaplan
12. Carl Weakley
13. Robert Cain
14. Gary Soltan
15. Nate Thompson
16. Rick Cramer
17. Jose Mercado

Dual/ Triple Engine (American Only)
1. Hal Orndorff
2. Lake Speed
3. Scott Rector
4. Bill Rector

Single Engine- Rear Engine Mount 6.1 (American Only) SeniorSportsman (American Only)

1. Terry Traeder
2. Craig Bennett
3. Jeff Miles
4. Pete Williams
5. Bobby Lee
6. Nate Thompson

Single Engine Sidewinder Over 6.1 (American Only)

1. Jerry Culp
2. Dave Romaine
3. Scott Ader
4. Chris Daniel
5. Tim Daniel

6.1 Stock Appearing

1. Ron Brookman
2. Ty Swenson
3. Sandy Booth
4. Nip Swenson
5. Ken Wickelgren
6. Tom Day

Single Engine Sidewinder 6.1 (American Only)

1. Scott Ader
2. Bobby Lee
3. Bob Noel
4. Don Renton
5. Dean Kossares
6. Scott Klingler
7. John Houseman
8. Craig Bennett

Dual Engine (Foreign Only)

1. Lake Speed
2. Hal Orndorff
3 .Terry Traeder
4. Craig Bennett
5. Bob Lapke
6. Rodney Fish
7. John Griffin
8. David White

We will have pictures up here shortly. if you have any pictures or videos send us a link and we will get it up here on the site.

We want to say Thank You to all who made the trek to this event and we look foward to seeing you all next year.

Thank You
Gus Traeder & TNT Staff.

Here is the video I was mentioning in the forums page. Enjoy I did was very entertaining.

Here are the winners of the 50th Birthday Bash Vintage Race at TNT  September the 18th. It was Awesome to see these Racers do battle on the same track they did over 50 years ago.

Single Engine- Rear Engine Mount 6'1cu. in. displ (American Only)          BOBBY LEE        ROSSVILLE, IN 2.Single Engine- Rear Engine Mount Over 6'1 cu. in. displ (American Only) HAL ORNDORFF         MARSHALL, IL 3. Single Engine-Sidewinder 6'1 displ.(American Only)           BOBBY LEE   ROSSVILLE, IN 4. Single Engine- Sidewinder 6'1 cu. in. displ.(Foreign Only)         TERRY TRAEDER QUINCY, IL 5. Single Engine- Sidewinder Over 6'1 cu. in. displ. (American Only)          DAVE ROMAINE         GLEN ELLYN, IL 6. Singel Engine- Sidewinder Over 6'1 cu. in. displ (Foreign Only)   LAKE (CHAMBERS) SPEED, CONCORD, NC 7. Dual- Triple Engine- (American Only) 21 or Older   HAL ORNDORFF          MARSHALL, IL 8. Dual- Engine (Foreign Only) 21 or Older         LAKE SPEED          CONCORD, NC             9. Single Engine- Senior Sportsman- Single Engine 6'1 cu. in. displ (American Only) 60 or olderRear Mount Driven- Drivers May compete in other classes   ROY FENWICK FLOYDS KNOB, IN 10. Sportsman Historic- includes Mac 49- Westbound Models- Power Paddock & Homelite Engines under 6'1 cu. in.               LYLE CASWELL, JR   VICKSBURG, MI 11. 80-85 Sidewinder- 100cc Engines and Karts JOE CENTO          WINFIELD, MO12. 49 "ER" McCullough        ROY FENWICK  FLOYDS KNOB, IN13. BIG BOY CLASS              JAMIE WHITE   MARION, IL14. STOCK APPEARING       SANDY DANIEL BEARDSTOWN, IL15. SENIOR SPORTSMAN    ROY FENWICK  FLOYDS KNOB, IN

Here are the Winners of the TNT Vintage Show.

Best Appearing Kart and EngineDave Romaine                   Glen Ellyn, IL                      1959 Rupp Grand Prix with (2) West Bend 820 Engines Best Original Equipment-Dual                      Paul Booth                         Beardstown, IL                  1961 Exterminator with Dual Mc 6 Engines Best Original Equipment-Rear EngineTim Devlin                          Topeka, Ks                         1961 Simplex Mk 14 with Clinton 400 Engines Best Original Equipment-SidewinderMike Lotz                           Wadakometer, Oh           1973 Lancer with (2) BM 104 Engines         Best of Show-Sprint                                       Dick Teal                             Harrison, WI                      1959 Fox Mak Kart with Dual Mc 6 Engines Best Display                                                     Jim Thompson                   Cedar Rapids, IA               1959 Trackmaster with 580 West Bend Engine and 1961 McCulloch Kart with Mc 7 Engine Best Restored Original    Dick Teal                             Harrison, WI                      1959 Fox Mak Kart with Dual Mc 6 Engines              Best Original Un-Restored             Dr. John Houseman          Jerseyville, IL                     1968 Margay New Breed with Mc 90 Engine Peoples Choice                 Paul Booth                         Beardstown, IL                  1961 Exterminator with Dual Mc 6 Engines              Thank you to Jack Murray for sponsoring the Best Restored Original and Best Un-Restored Original Awards

Here are a couple of links to veiw photos of the 50th Birthday Event.
We want to give Jeff Campbell A Special Thank You for the videos and the Photos. Also Check out these sites for more information Vintage Karting. , and Thanks Again Jeff!!!

Hot Stuff !!! here is a link for the News Story in the Hearld Whig. Great Story on the History of TNT and Karting. Take a look and stroll down memory lane.

Special Thank You goes out to and For getting us the videos of this Wonderful and Memorable 50th Event.

Here are some Videos of 2010 Vintge Racing at TNT Kartways.
Please make sure you turn off the music at the bottom so it does not play over the video you are watching.

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